Friday, January 25, 2013

Daily creations

Since I opened my shop, my goal has been to make a new plushie every day. Yesterday, I made Lester the bat.

I had this wonderful variegated super-soft fleece in shades of brown, which was perfect for this little guy. I free-handed the pattern, and he came out just wonderfully!

I gave him mismatched brass vintage button eyes, which give him so much character. I almost embroidered little teeth on him, but I don't think he needs it!

With the success of Lester, the bar was set high. I had been doodling a bear pattern for a while, and made a prototype. After a few adjustments, Hank the black bear has come to life!

Such a cheery little chub of a thing! He is so squishable, and that makes me very happy.

He was quite difficult to photograph, however. Since he is all black, I had a hard time catching the definition of the legs. In some shots, he just looks like a big block! But I assure you, he is a happy, evenly-proportioned quadruped.

So what shall I start on tonight? I have been brainstorming over a fox, a snail, and a horse... only time will tell what I will whip up tonight!

Be Kind!

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