Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I decided to make another owl last night. Instead of machine-sewing down all the details like I did on Petunia, I hand stitched his eyes, beak, and belly.

Behold, Reginald. He is made from the same owl pattern, but I added a little extra surprise....

A hidden pocket! Tucked safely beneath his wings, is a little pocket to hold tiny treasures. I put in a seashell and a Kyanite blade, but you can put whatever you'd like in there. I suspect it would be the perfect place for a transaction with the Tooth Fairy.

He was a lot of fun to make, but those are the last of those buttons! They were reclaimed from a duvet cover, and I think they are just charming.

Well, its off to the workshop again. I've been quite consistent with making new things, and I will not fall behind!

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