Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Costom Order Bonanza!

There is much excitement in the kindplush workshop. Today makes it three weeks since I've opened my shop on Etsy... and... wow! Just wow. I finally understand what they mean when Brits say they are "over the moon"! Because I am.

I am currently working on FOUR custom plushies! Can you believe it? I will have pictures as I finish them.

First is a goth fox in a top hat with a bass guitar, which is to be made in the likeness of the customers husband. And I think that is just the sweetest thing ever! Then there is a Boston Terrier puppy for a sweet little baby girl who has yet to be born. Adorable! And my newest order is actually to be made from two original drawings - a set of siblings who love mushrooms want me to bring their mushroom drawings to life - too stinkin' cool!

This is seriously an awesome line-up. I feel so lucky to have such amazing requests from such creative people.

Whenever I'm making things - whether I am drawing, sewing, making jewelry, whatever the medium - I actually find that limitations feed my creativity. Which sounds totally weird, I know. But sometimes, my head has so many ideas going on, its hard to zero-in on what I want the finished product to be. Having the guidelines of a specific custom order is actually very liberating to me. There's all these decisions that I don't need to make, and I can instead focus on bring someone else's vision to life. It gives me a chance to explore parts of my creativity that I may never have accessed, and I make something that I wouldn't have made otherwise! Its such a fun process, and with these custom orders, I have all the ingredients for such an experience.

So stay tuned! I'll post pictures as I finish these lovelies. I am so excited, and ever grateful that this little shop of mine is appreciated by others. I am such a lucky lady!


  1. Take pictures of the goth fox! What a creative idea. Congratulations on your success <3

  2. Thank you so much! He is in the process, but looking quite amazing. I'll have pics soon, I promise!