Friday, February 1, 2013

First sale! And introducing... Eduardo

It is a monumental occasion - yesterday, I had my first sale!

It had seemed impossible, but it really happened! It gave me a chance to reflect on everything I have done for my shop so far.

From sketching out rough ideas, to racking my brain for descriptions, to hand-stitching for hours in front of the fire - I have really done something here.

I really appreciate all of the kind words I have gotten about my work. So many people appreciate my little creations. Receiving all of this admiration for something that I could have just as easily not decided to do, I feel very blessed.

Today, I finished a design that I have been sketching all week.

His name is Eduardo, and I am in love with him! I drew up a quick pattern, and even cut some of it freehand. The result is this charming little garden snail.

I do have to say that his spiral was NOT easy to stuff. I sewed it on my machine first, and then wiggled the stuffing in there - I don't even know how.

But I am very happy with the result, and he is listed in my shop!

I am so grateful for how my shop is progressing. It has taken a lot of work, countless hours hunched over at the sewing machine, and at the computer. But making that sale just made it all worth it. I even got a request for a custom order! I am just so happy, and moreover, grateful.

Remember, there is a promotion for free shipping that is going on until 12:00am MST on Tuesday! See my shop announcement for details!

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