Thursday, February 28, 2013

New items for the shop!

I have so many things in progress. On one hand, I feel overwhelmed, and on the other, I am happy to have so much to work on.

I have several new things to show you!

First, in time for Easter, is this little bunny!

Francine the Bunny is made from cotton quilting material and an up-cycled sweater. The texture of this material is just incredible. It has the warmth of terry cloth, but is so soft and inviting.

The design of this plushie is very simple. There is such an easiness to it. Its not over-designed, and is truly timeless in its style. It would be the sweetest addition to an Easter basket.

I have a little bit more of this fabric left, and will use it to make more bunnies!

Next is this super funky Lamb.

Penelope certainly marches to her own beat. She is unconventional, and wonderfully weird - as I know so many of us are. She has a similar construction to the bunny, but the arms and legs have been stuffed. The main part of the body is fleece, and all the details are upholstery fabric.

I've been pushing myself to utilize new materials. Fleece is so easy and fun to work with, but it can all look so similar. I am all about texture, and I want to mix the fleece with other fabrics and textiles to be more interesting.

I think the upholstery fabric is more suited for display toys, but since the body is made from fleece, I think this toy can also be used for play.

This next item is made entirely out of upholstery fabric. It is intended for display only.

Helga calf was very trial-and-error. I was sketching this pattern, orginally intending for it to be a deer. But when I turned it right side out and stuffed it, I just couldn't not see the baby cow! That's just how it goes sometimes.

This lovely fabric is old stock vintage upholstery fabric. It is the most amazing print and texture, and I will be so sad when its gone. I've saved every little scrap! I think it would have made the ugliest couch, but it makes the sweetest little stuffed animals and purses!

What's so great about this, is that it is charmingly vintage, but it is also a band new item. It would be the most special touch to a nursery, and would be an amazing keepsake as the child grows.

I am totally in love with this little calf!

I finished a custom order last night, and I will post pictures soon. I have so many custom orders! I am really trying my hardest to finish everything in a reasonable amount of time, but with a wily one-year-old on my hands, its a challenge. The first thing I need to finish is the little Boston Terrier. I have the head done and it looks beautiful, but I've scrapped the body four times! It gets unbelievably frustrating. But then, I am reminded - I've only been making plushies for a month! I'm just very hard on myself.

So stay tuned for the Plushrooms - the little mushroom people! Also a bass-playing gothic fox in a top hat, a walrus, and a few charity items!

Let me know if you would be interested in purchasing something as a donation. Right now, I am giving to the local humane society, and to a family with an individual who has been stricken with cancer. While giving to worthy causes, it is also nice for me to put my mind on a project that isn't as highly-strung as a custom order.

Also, I am still working on purchasable patterns and tutorials, but it is very troubling without a printer. I think I will also do a review on scissors or freezer paper soon.

Phew! That's all for now :)

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