Saturday, February 2, 2013

New pouch, and a WIP

My first item to sell was a pouch, so I thought I'd make another. It's totally different, but equally awesome!

As I was making this, I was kind of apathetic about this color combination. But now that it has all come together as a finished product, I love it! The blue zipper is a total pop, and the plum color of the fabric triangles is just very soothing.

I detailed the back with an original quilting design of mine! I really love this quilting pattern. It has the look of free motion quilting without having to set up your machine for it, dealing with a tiny embroidery hoop, and the needle plunging up and down without a foot... that's always a thrill!

And, now for my work-in-progress. I know this is kind of strange looking, because its just a head at this point. But I think it came out really great, so I thought I'd share!

Check out this fox head! I used vintage fabric for the light areas around the eyes, which I hand stitched on. It gives him a wonderfully whimsical look. He would be finished, but I ran out of fleece in that color! So, I have some time to decide what kind of body I want to put him on... I can't wait until he's done! I can't have disembodied heads staring me down in the workshop!

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