Monday, March 11, 2013

Custom orders, new items

Get ready, this post is jam-packed!

First, I'd like to show you the Plushrooms!

These were made from two children's drawings. Here are the pictures I was sent:

I immediately knew when I saw these pictures that this was going to be a fun project!

Aren't they fantastic? Their arrival has been highly anticipated, so I shipped them off in the mail today.

My next custom order was for a whimsical walrus. I found this crazy gold-green fabric, and knew it would be perfect.

This walrus pattern is my new favorite pattern. Every so often, a pattern comes out perfectly on the first try. This was one of them. That's always a great feeling! I am working on a fleece version of this, because its just so fantastic.

And here's the new pouch!

Its a little thing, perfect for change, cash, and cards. The fox came out great, and I just love the fern motif. Everything is embroidered by hand without a pattern. The background is Kona coal, and the inside has a great floral print. Its in my shop!

I have something under the presser foot at the moment, so there will probably be a new update soon!

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