Thursday, September 19, 2013

Inspiration - Rugs made from recycled plushies

Don't you love when an everyday item is transformed into something new and spectacular? Check out Augustina Woodgate. She makes rugs from old stuffed animals.

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Isn't that incredible?

The result is a perfect balance between symmetry and asymmetry, which creates this very organic feel.

© Spinello Projects

It all began when she was looking at her old teddy bear. He was worn, had no eyes, no life. He wasn't a real thing anymore, but she couldn't just throw him away. So, she decided to take his materials and make him into something new - a rug.

© Spinello Projects
Her color choices are based upon what is available at the time. She cuts off the head and pulls out the stuffing. Then she disassembles the pattern pieces at the seams, to keep the pieces whole. Then the pieces are arranged and hand stitched together.
© Spinello Projects
These rugs are truly works of art. It's kind of fun to imagine where all these stuffed animals came from, what sort of friendships they had with children... How they came to be left behind, and how they ended up something totally different. This art is life in motion.

© Spinello Projects

 This rug above is my personal favorite. I love the shape and the use of color, but what I really love is that I see a medicine man of sorts in the very middle. And look at all the little plushie feet!

My stuffed animals are made from fleece, which is too thin to be a part of a project like Augustina's. The thick faux furs are what you want for this!

I hope everyone finds these rugs as beautiful and inspirational as I do. I'd love to do a project like this one day!

Have any of you made a stuffed animal into something new? Let me know your plushie re-purposing story in the comments below!

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