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When I was a child, stuffed animals were always my favorite toys.

Nothing else could compare. Everything with buttons, lights, bells and whistles were trumped every time by the sweet, simple gentleness of my stuffed animals.

Plushies are an extension of the child, brought to life by their imagination... and there's just something really special about that.

kindplush began in January of 2013. My little girl had just turned 1 year old, and we received many gifts of stuffed animals for her. I had been sewing for ages, but I had never made a stuffed toy before. I examined the seams, the shape of the pattern, and I thought... I can do this.

And I did. And I did it better. Most importantly, I discovered that life is more beautiful with items made by hand. My plushies possessed a certain life that the mass-produced toys did not. They were artistic expressions, cast in fleece.

My love of sewing finally found a purpose - to create little creatures that will someday be somebody's best friend.

I sew everything on an old all-metal Janome machine in an old adobe casita in the mountains of New Mexico - how rustic! Each design begins as a sketch, which I transform into pattern pieces that assemble together to create a creature in three dimensions.

I mostly use fleece and quilting cotton, but also incorporate fabrics from sweaters and other articles of clothing. I use hand embroidery combined with machine applique techniques to create a beautiful canvas of color and texture.

Everything I make is made with lots of love and a passion for creating extraordinary things.

about the artist

My name is Lauren and I have an amazing little girl named Gwen. She is my inspiration for everything I make, and the whole reason I even started making anything at all. We live out in the wild, wild west with two dogs, a cat, and a big flock of funny, fuzzy chickens.

An average day here involves collecting eggs, and having coffee on the porch while the chickens peck around in the garden. In the afternoon, the wild horses will usually make a visit to the yard, and we'll watch them graze until they move on. As the sun starts to set and a cool breeze comes in, everybody makes their way out to sit around the big wooden spool table and relax until the sun goes down. Between all of this, the sewing machine hums away, as I make soft little critters under a wood beam roof.

I have always been an artist, but this is the first time I've ever loved a medium so much. It allows me to make something that is beyond just a toy, and beyond just a piece of art.

Thank you for stopping by my little corner of the universe. I am always making new things, so check back often!
Be kind!

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  1. Lauren,

    Your creations are as beautiful and unique as you are. I love your website and will be checking back often to see the new creations you develop.

    Karen E.
    Satellite Beach, Florida